It’s one thing if you don’t know better and fix it when someone tells you that reposting is not ok. But pulling off something like this is completely unnecessary. I guess this person will change the URL again, as she/he has done in the middle of this ‘conversation’. 

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    Report report report
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  6. angelcosta78 said: I agree 100% with everything you said. It completely pisses me off when people do that and to make it worse they haven’t even got the decency to give a shit that they’ve ripped off someone hard work and effort.
  7. simplymaterial said: Aaaaahhh JFC :/
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    wtf? this shit is so dumb. weheartit is not a source, it’s like the holy grail of stolen work on the internet, and...
  11. thewritersmuse said: Oh wow. This is ridiculous. Reposts are so ridiculous and you were very nice to her too
  12. detectivebecks said: Omg how can someone be so stupid
  13. melanieexox said: Time for me to kick some reposters ass. *cracks knuckles*
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