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I am so in love with your graphics! I literally can’t wait for you to post the next ones. I get all happy whenever you post a new one. Can I ask you what you thought about the finale?

Thank you so much for your kind words! :’)

I have mixed feelings about the finale ever since I’ve watched it. It appears to me like the end scene split the fandom into two groups. One that does the happy dance, thinking she’ll say yes and the other part of the fandom that says the proposal is terribly misplaced and she’ll go for the job.  I’m somewhere in between, to be honest. I don’t think she’ll say yes. Not for now. The ongoing conflict is too important to be forgotten over a proposal, which was, in my opinion badly timed and not very romantic either. To use the swing set as a meeting point has a big significance for their relationship, but Castle is practically trying to jump over all their problems by taking the next step. However, no ring on her finger will change the way he avoids serious talk about their relationship. In fact he did it once again by proposing instead of discussing their problems. And there still is the job offer of course. Kate made it very clear that she wants this job badly.  

Considering all of this I’m not sure if she’s going to say yes. She might say yes, but not for now (which is partially saying no). There are too many unsettled issues to make that step just yet.  And about the job…if she’d really go to DC, how are we supposed to see any of the others like Lanie, Ryan or Espo afterwards? Simple logic tells me that she’s not going for the job in the end. Anyhow, that doesn’t mean that the season could not start with her being there and then deciding later that this isn’t what she wants. Gates would probably be the last to refuse her if Kate wants her job back. 

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