I never made a secret out of me being more drawn towards other shows at the end of season 6. In my opinion the last season was nice, but definitely not as thrilling as the ones before. There are only a handful of episodes I really liked and would rewatch, the rest…well.

But everyone likes different things. Other fans loved how they returned to lighter stories that didn’t have any ties to previous episodes. I prefer darker storylines, with strong connections between each episodes. Shows that have standalone episodes all the time only interest me shortly and Castle was becoming one of these shows during the past season. Which is why (*putting on my bulletproof vest now*) I called this season a weak season. Just my personal impression. It doesn’t mean that others didn’t love it.

The same applies to the finale. I said before that having a romantic wedding during which everything goes smoothly would be the most boring thing ever and I still believe that an ending like that would have resulted in many people not coming back for season 7. Now, some fans are pissed, because they seriously wanted that wedding to happen.

I felt like the wedding was mentioned so often during the show that by the time the date grew nearer I wasn’t interested in it anymore. So in the end, I got what I wanted. I had low expectations for the final episode and even though the storyline they used to cause trouble in paradise at first was an overused start point. But I laughed so hard during the episode and I still think that the writers did a great job with it. Basically they threw one obstacle at Castle and Kate after the other. First the discovery of her marriage, then she finds the guy but he won’t sign, then she does what he wants to gets him to sign, but he’s abducted,…the scheme was so obvious that I was not that surprised that the wedding didn’t happen in the end. I  already got the feeling that he was not going to reach the Hamptons when they showed Castle looking into the mirror while driving, - because we’ve all seen this plot line before.

Not a single part of that episode was new, I mean you can only invent the wheel once. But the mix was well done and I’m happy with the cliffhanger and the final shot. I prefer that to this typical wedding scene that leaves you bored the second you turn off your TV.

TV show writers want to surprise you and to keep you thrilled so you keep watching. Because in the end, it’s not the happiness of the fans that keeps the ratings up, it’s the excitement and the wish to know more about the story, to see what happens next. As a consequence writers rarely give you exactly what you want and expect.

Maybe some of you, who didn’t like the episode, will look back in a few months and realize that it was the better way to go. Maybe some of you will continue to hate it. No one can always please every one. Not even Andrew Marlowe and his writing team. 

"You can’t give up. That’s the deal. We want the happy ending, we can’t give up." | 623 For better or worse

Hi :) Hope you're still taking Castle edit requests, if not that's okay too, always love your work :) <3 Anyways, I wanted to ask you if you could make a wallpaper with Beckett in her wedding dress using scenes from the finale. Thank you so much!! <3

I haven’t even had time to watch the last episode yet, as I was at a congress all day and won’t be home much tomorrow either. If I’m lucky I can catch up tomorrow but I probably won’t be able to make anything until Thursday.

But in general the amount of graphics will be around the same level as it has been during the past three weeks. I’ll start a full-time job in a couple of weeks and my free time will be limited even more in the future. This means I won’t be able to gif absolutely everything and will pick specific material in the future.

If I have the time I will make a wallpaper for you, but right now I cannot promise anything.

“My father, one of Meereen’s most respected and beloved citizens, oversaw the restoration and maintenance of of its greatest landmarks. This pyramid included.“

“For that, he has my gratitude. I should be honored to meet him.“

“You have, your Grace. You crucified him. I pray you’ll never live to see a member of your family treated so cruelly.“

“Your father crucified innocent children.“

“My father spoke out against crucifying those children. He decried it as a criminal act, but was overruled.

Is it justice to answer one crime with another?